Daniel Stephenson

Daniel Stephenson

Daniel has wanderlust and travels the world in search of adventure and new experiences. He has a martial arts background and for many years this was his main focus until he was introduced to yoga. He fell in love with the practice immediately and began practicing regularly and practiced at many different schools across Australia and throughout the world.

He was soon asked to start teaching at an international school in Thailand and eventually opened his own studio. He has travelled to India on a couple of occasions and studied under some world class teachers and completed his 200 RYT in Hatha and Kundalini yoga.

While he was in Thailand he stumbled across groups of people practicing AcroYoga, and gave it a go. He found it was a fantastic mixture of yoga and acrobatics. It made him feel young and vibrant like he hadn’t in years, and a great way to make friends and work with others in a playful and safe environment. It was a great addition to his martial arts and yoga background and he soon found communities of AcroYogis throughout the world and met his partner Marita while visiting Bryon Bay at an Acro meetup.

He felt the best way to really immerse himself in the practice was to do a teacher training. It was a life changing experience and gave him the tools to teach the practice in a safe, fun, effective way. He has been teaching both Yoga and AcroYoga workshops with Marita across the world including Thailand, Morocco and at home in Australia.


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November 8, 2018