Dr Eeka King

Dr Eeka King

Dr Eeka King (Chinese Medicine) has been a seeker of spiritual and esoteric wisdom since she was a teenager and has been working in the healing profession for 17 years. Her background qualifications began in reiki energy healing, astrology, remedial and oriental bodywork and from there her quest into the healing arts has grown very deep. After completing her Chinese Medicine degree her interest in Astrology re-ignited and she was thrilled when Alan Oken (American Astrologer) teamed with her previous teacher, Maggie Kerr offering a Master class series in Astrology, which she completed in 2007.

Eeka has 13 years experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and runs a busy clinical practice in Brunswick Heads since 2009- Bayside Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic. She also offers Acutonics Sound Medicine sessions from her Studio space. Eeka’s area of clinical focus has been in the treatment of women’s health, infertility, pregnancy, birthing and post-partum healthcare. Also, her passion for natural therapies and astrology has lead to much research and practical knowledge in the area of natural fertility management. Eeka prepares lunar ovulation charts (using the Jonas system) for her fertility and pre-conception care patients, also teaching them and offering workshops in conscious conception and natural contraception methods

An experienced facilitator, Eeka has presented ‘women’s mysteries’ workshops at the Being Woman festival, she has performed a Sound meditation at Byron Bay’s Blue Flame Dreaming festival and for the last few years has hosted many sound events and collaborations.

Eeka is a certified Teacher of Acutonics®- an in depth, integrative Sound healing modality that combines the science of sound, Chinese medicine, medical astrology and sacred geometry. The sounds of the universe- known as the ‘music of the spheres’ are brought into the healing realm via precision calibrated tuning forks and Gongs. Eeka is a pioneer of this profound work in Australia –she founded Acutonics Australia and has been offering classes and continuing education seminars in the Acutonics sound medicine curriculum since 2013. Eeka is on an inspired mission to awaken many souls to the gifts of this heavenly harmonic medicine.

“From the moment I first experienced the healing sound vibrations from the Acutonics® tuning forks, I instantly fell in love and experienced an innate knowing that Acutonics® was going to become a major part of my life. This healing system combines and integrates all the sacred sciences and all the healing modality’s I have worked with into One. The clinical results and powerful effects I have witnessed are profound and I really do believe that Sound and its integration with Eastern healing philosophies will be the medicine of the future. Since becoming a Certified teacher of the entire Acutonics Certification program I am on an inspired mission to spread this incredible modality in Australia”



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November 8, 2018