Grace Ambrook

Grace Ambrook

Grace’s passion is seeing people live their lives aligned to their gifts, purpose and passion.

The key to you experiencing this is by being  true to your potential. Knowing, understanding and loving your Divine Essence and expressing your greatest uniqueness.

She knows this happens by you living into your possibilities and having a deep relationship with the mystery of earthly life as part of the Universe.

She loves and understands energy and light and waves and particles. She’s a master of navigating emotions, thoughts, energy disruptions, karmic patterns, body memories and thoughts and habits, and programming and limiting beliefs that get lodged in our consciousness and do us no favors.

he understands at a soul level, the role the Heart plays in human experience and expression. (It’s part of her Soul Signature). She loves helping people expand this energy center, so it feeds the intellect reliably with truths and wisdom, rather than letting the mind go off in the land of fears, survival and scarcity.

And of course she loves helping people go that further level too, of linking the heart consciously with the soul. Oh this is where the magic really expands. And then we expand even further, into expansion of the soul into Creation, the real Oneness experience. Joy!

Grace has been providing spiritual expansion to people seeking to make a positive impact for over 25 years, and is a well-known and gifted intuitive visionary, spiritual mentor, energy master, public speaker and teacher. Her ability to access the spiritual realms lead her to become a Voice for Spirit – and it is these sacred transmissions that bring more light to the earth, via those awesome souls she works with.

Her highly successful practice in energy medicine was a rich training ground for a deep understanding of energy and its ways. During this time she marveled at the creativeness of the Soul and has learned much about human resistance to this priceless voice of love wisdom. Grace is dedicated to the evolving consciousness of the individual, community and the planet.

Her passion for having the genuine pure heart soul connection in a state of continuous expansion, has had great impact on the lives of so many. Sharing the truth of the power of this foundational connection is her gift and her joy. Heart Soul Expansion provides programs, products and tools that take people to living the life of their dreams by being the person they know they really are.

What can be better than that?


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November 12, 2018