Helen & Shirley

Helen & Shirley

Helen Hawkes helps clients put themselves first so that they can take back control of their lives and their bodies. She specialises in stress and nutrition counselling as well as preventing and managing chronic health issues. She enjoys guiding women of all ages who want change, self-confidence and happiness to re-imagine their lives.

Helen is a UNIFAM-qualified counsellor, certified Life Coach and Food and Nutrition Coach, as well as a respected editor who has written on wellness for leading publications including The Australian Financial Review and Vogue Australia for 20 years.

She believes YOU have the power to create your everyday reality and she supports you with both coaching and practical advice.

Shirley Hughes is a psychotherapist who incorporates Gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy and art therapy in her counselling practice.

She is a highly experienced therapist with training in all levels of counselling and psychotherapy service.

No matter whether you want to resolve a deep-seated issue, or deal with ongoing personal or family challenges, Shirley can assist you in standing in your power.

She strongly believes relaxation is an essential component of health and happiness and helps clients create their own “calm zone”.


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November 8, 2018