Mike Bromley

Mike Bromley
Mike Bromley is a trainer and coach from Bahr’s Scrub in Queensland, and the founder of Mustang Coaching Services. A personal journey triggered study in Neuro Semantics, NLP, emotional Intelligence and leadership, DeMartini concepts and modern hypnotherapy.
Mike is a qualified personal trainer and focusses on functional movement, strength conditioning and rehabilitation.
Mike has been involved with martial arts for 36 years holding multiple black belts in
karate, kung fu including wing chun, kickboxing, jujutsu and qi gong. This blends seamlessly with the meditation, Asian philosophies, Flow concepts and gentle movement of the Art Of Zen Yoga where Mike holds the only current practitioner qualification in Australia. Also qualified in massage and Reiki, Mike takes a holistic approach to help move and evolve a person from one (undesired) place to another (desired place) by using the Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Balance and Clarity principles over the physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Realms.
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November 9, 2018