Ra’shiym Christos

Ra’shiym Christos
Rashiym is a teacher and Mentor of the Divine University and has studied for 7 years with Qala Sri’ama founder of The Divine University and  thesiriuslibrary.com  Having started mediation at the age of 11, following the path of peak performance and conscious development Rashiym has awoken a deep spiritual connection and insight through his work.
He access the libraries of light through the  support of the enlightened ones to guide people in their own healing, empowerment and self -realisation.
He supports you through his higher awareness in personal and group facilitation to transform your beliefs, emotions, energy and consciousness to help you release your heaviest blocks through Acceptance, forgiveness and love.
Rashiym and his Partner also run a venue in Byron Bay called “Yummy Studios “ with regular classes in Meditation, Yoga, sound healing and consciousness.

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November 14, 2018