R’hishana Kateea Sheehan

R’hishana Kateea Sheehan

R’hishana Kateea Sheehan is the creator and channel of the Codes of Transition and the new set of cards, the Codes of Divine Light, a series of high vibrational Light Language images.

She has been a lightworker and channel for many years, having trained in a sacred mystery school over 10 years ago. She has assisted in group service to Mother Gaia clearing many chakras, portals and assisting in opening stargates.

Recently she started to bring through a series of channelled, intuitive, light language Codes to assist in our awakening and the remembrance of who we are, where we come from and what we are here to do.
Overseen by many Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels they are high vibrational healing and transformational tools to subtly activate and gently awaken, expand, and release energy to bring clarity, understanding, love and joy to us in this life.
This happens by opening and clearing our many energy bodies, chakras and the energetic gateways held within our chakras and heart in a healing, nurturing and enlightening process. The Codes allow the wisdom and knowledge held within the heart to filter into the physical body allowing greater access to the potential of who we truly are – Multidimensional Beings of the Light.

I look forward to sharing the Codes unique frequency with you.


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November 25, 2018